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Commercial Retail & Corporate Banking

With extensive experience in retail and corporate banking design, New Phase Design has built a reputation for visually engaging, functional and economical environments that elevate the customer experience and accelerate business. Our approach is both client-focused and relationship-based. We pride ourselves on being thoughtful and creative collaborators and active listeners, placing our client’s needs and vision at the heart of every design solution. 


We pride ourselves on innovative solutions, informed approaches and elegant simplicity.  Our designs are tailored to your needs, not the other way around. We aim to fully understand you – so that our solutions are perfect for your spaces and your life.  

We pride ourselves on providing service way past our architectural drawings.  We are committed to helping you find the best partners and best paths forward, from vetting contractors to navigating codes and local building requirements.  

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Restoration & Adaptive Reuse

Our expertise in restoration and adaptive reuse of historic structures allows us to develop unique and elegant solutions that honor the history of the existing space, with a targeted focus on building a successful relationship with the future.  Our goal is to build a bridge between a buildings history and it's future, between heritage and the functional needs of the present, and successfully integrate the historical aspects of the building into the fabric of the community. 


A Full-Service Architectural Firm Specializing in

Retail-Corporate Banking, Commercial and Residential Design...

All with a Focus on Service.

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