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At New Phase Design, our mission is to enhance the built environment and the experience for the end user, by leading our clients to their goals through design excellence with a commitment to:


• Create unique and innovative design solutions that respond to each client's needs.

• Provide our clients with a growing knowledge base and technical skills that reflect the latest developments in the design, construction and building industry.

• Deliver high quality products and services in a prompt and timely manner

• Operate with a professional ethic that supports honesty, integrity, accountability and respect among

our peers and for our clients.



Gerald F. Blake, AIA


Jerry Blake has known he wanted to be an architect since he was ten years old. Fascinated with Mike Brady’s drafting equipment on the Brady Bunch, he became increasingly curious about architecture and never wavered from his dream of becoming an architect himself. After graduating from Boston Architectural College with a B.Arch, he successfully became licensed in the States of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. A lifelong learner, Jerry also became NCARB certified, and joined several industry associations, including the American Institute of Architects. He is committed to bringing his experience, knowledge, and creativity to every project, and an honest and thorough approach when interacting with clients.


Following over three decades of experience working on a variety of retail and corporate banking projects, Jerry founded New Phase Design in 2019. His vast range of experience in financial architecture includes ATM conversions, existing facility renovations, ground-up branch projects and corporate headquarters renovations and new construction. He has also worked on a variety of commercial, restoration, and residential projects. His goal is to be an architectural firm that earns a reputation for excellence in design and service on every project. As a testament to his character, Jerry is committed to mentoring younger architects and students in hopes of making a difference in their career.


When Jerry isn’t working on a project or reading the Architectural Record, you can find him enjoying quality time with his wife Michelle, sons Ethan and Andrew, and daughter Jillian. Influenced strongly by his mother who raised him as a single parent, he strives to emulate her ability to be constantly supportive and encouraging as a husband and father. He especially enjoys spending time at any one of their many sporting events. Whether it’s at softball, football, lacrosse or basketball, Jerry values every moment in “the one place I can tune out the world for a couple of hours”.


A Full-Service Architectural Firm Specializing in

Retail-Corporate Banking, Commercial and Residential Design...

All with a Focus on Service.

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